Saturday, January 30, 2010

Linguisticly Inclined

Apparently, there are many more languages in the world than I ever originally thought. OF course, some things are very simple. For example, there are a lot of languages that people speak like English, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, and Greek. There are known rules for these languages. Yet, There are even more languages than these.

This evening, I was relaxing with a bunch of friends when the boys started talking about some girl drama that one of the boys was having. It seemed that he was in desperate need of saving because there was girl maybe more than one that wanted his undying attention. The boys had come up with code words for the girls such as "the forest." I am a curious person. Therefore, curiosity was eating me. In all honesty, I just enjoying having information and being in the know.

There are also moments when conversations occur with one lock of the eyes. It's intriguing really. I have observed people in groups of people that this eye conversation occurs and it is as though a light glows in their face in that instance. It's probably one of my favorite types of conversations. People who have these conversations generally have some sort of foundation of history between the two of them. I love eye contact.

Girls have some pretty strange conversations. While boys talk in circles, girls seems to converse through giggles and laughs. The best part is that it makes perfect sense. They also play a strange game of fill in the blank where they leave out key words that the other fills in with there brain. I do have a feeling that sometimes we fill in the wrong words for that game.

We mustn't forget body language. Forget all communication by mouth or eye, I feel as though body language might be the best language in all the world. Movement tells a world of stories. I have often told my friend that I cannot translate her facial expressions into English because they do not translate. I just know what they mean and that's that.

I am enthralled by language. I love how they work and how each language has a different way of stating the same things. Communication is imperative. Those who communicate intrigue me. Therefore, I find all of the human population very interesting. If you ever see a girl sitting in a cafe with a chai tea latte watching the people go by, you'll know that is me.