Monday, January 18, 2010

a personal take on the Odyssey

Sing, Wisdom-
Of the pensive woman,
the peculiar, searching out adventure and words
After she spent years buried in novels small and large.
Of all the dreams she dreamt, when she set down her book,
The agony of her soul as she mourned over the pain of others
As they struggled to battle their emotions and dangerous relationships
Yet she found herself incapable of saving them even as she tried
The Unwise – blinded by their revelry and denial
When they took part in unhealthful actions and reckless decisions
And guided by lack of wisdom they were swallowed.
Of all this,
Shout, Perception,

And tell of the woman who learned many things.
Meanwhile, all women have cultured the skills of flirtation-
At least those who care to grab their MRS. Degree in college
Only Barbara still longed for adventures of sea and air.
The wretched Dollar, a strong currency,
And man’s obsession – held her from those dreams
In the backrooms of the banks where numbers refused to add.
Shadows grew long and then short again many times.
The time came for when God took serious hold of the thread.