Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving Life

Do you give blood? I give blood. No, not every time. When I can, I give blood. Generally when I tell girls that I plan on giving blood, they get all shivery and squirmy on me as though by saying "give blood" I have physically become the nightmarish needle.

Hey, I don't like needles anymore than the next person; however, why should I be afraid of something that I will have to deal with at least annually at the doctor's? Shots and needles will plague us so do the mind-over-matter thing. It's more or less worked for me.

I give blood when I can (usually I can't give blood because I've traveled out of the country). I give blood because why can I not suffer the pain of maybe ten minutes to an hour so maybe another person can be given some of life's blood? If I were dying or in dire need of healthy blood, I would want people to willingly donate their blood so I might live another day.

My experiences of donating blood have not been rosy - actually far from it. You see, I have small veins. A majority of the time, the needle must be moved while in my arm to get the vein since it is missed upon the first try. To say that the pain is not bad would be a terrible lie. I have a high pain threshold. The pain of that small needle being moved in my arm has taken me very close to fainting multiple times.

Why do I still give blood?

I consider my discomfort and pain small compared to the pain of the person that needs my blood.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ask An Author: Pursuit of Dreams

Less than three years ago, my aunt decided to chase a dream. She began writing. Every time that our families got together, she'd spend a portion of her day sitting at her computer writing. It's not really until now that I actually realize the importance of chasing one's dreams.

My aunt pursued her dream to write a book.

She did it.

If you want to see evidence of this, go to Barnes & Noble.


To honor the pursuit of dreams, I'm going to do a giveaway.
More to come soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Short Story: (it's about a cookie)

Annie-Lynn tugged on my hand. "Momma, please may I have a cookie?"
"Let Mommy count her money."
five dollars.
enough for milk, cereal, and a cookie.

Walking out of the store, Annie-Lynn grinned happily with cookie safely tucked in bag.
Two feet away, a homeless man sat. Annie-Lynn gave him the cookie.
That's my daughter.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn Song

After a valiant struggle with my laptop over the installation of a new internet security program, I finally won. It took four hours. Did I ever mention that I'm not the most computer-savvy? Yeah, that would be my brother's realm. Also, I tend to be stubborn so I was not about to admit defeat to a computer that is basically a very smart inanimate object. So I didn't ask for help. Ergo, four hours later, I did a happy dance in the middle of my living space meaning that I fell over backwards with satisfaction onto the floor - to an onlooker, I might have appeared to be a dead possum. Staring at the ceiling, I sighed heavily before I started the scariness that is my homework.

Currently, I soothe the wrinkles that might have become permanently etched in my forehead by listening to Nat King Cole croon "Embrace me, you irreplaceable you." Perhaps I'll waltz around my kitchen space by myself - it might be reminiscent of an elephant - but, hey. We can't all be angelic ballerinas so pardon me while I go thump out a beat.

Embraceable You with Nat King Cole
Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you
Embrace me, you irreplaceable you

Just one look at you
My heart grew tipsy in me
You and you alone
Bring out the Gypsy in me

I love all the many charms about you
Above all, I want my arms about you

Don't be a naughty baby
Come to papa, come to papa do
My sweet embraceable you

I love all the many charms about you
Above all, I want my arms about you

Don't be a naughty baby
Come to papa, come to papa do
My sweet embraceable you

p.s. this post is called "Autumn Song" simply because I talk about a song and it happens to be October (wait. when did that happen?).