Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Twenty on the twentieth.
I thought I might temporarily bore you, my gentle readers (Charlotte Bronte had something right), with a little list of mine.

1. I am eternally grateful for God’s interaction in my life.
2. The disgruntled moments that I have with my family that truly shows us to be exactly that – family.
3. Friends who have invested their lives in mine.
4. Warm socks on winter days
5. Books that carry me across the world and back.
6. Isaiah 62:1-5
7. Sunshine that glistens in my eye and casts a golden glow upon the world
8. The turn of the ankle in a coquettish way
9. A well-spoken sentence
10. Snowflakes that welcome me to winter by dancing into my eye
11. Proverbs 8
12. Daffodils, bamboo, and red roses that bring delight into the world
13. Plenty of music accompanying the flights and deep dives of my Adventure
14. Bucket Lists that include immeasurable things that are ridiculously crazy but totally worth it
15. A roomful of girlish giggles
16. One Look
17. Capacious words
18. The moment when one feels like both a three year old child and an eighty year old woman
19. That second that separates one from the end of the teen years and the beginning of the twenties.
20. One day at a time for tomorrow will take care of itself.
May God bless you and make his face shine upon you so that you may know how dearly he adores you.