Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something of the Questionable

Have you ever felt strongly within your heart that you were supposed to do something that the entire world might consider questionable? Have you ever sat in your room and considered how it might be to try on another person’s shoes for a day or a year? Have you ever pondered what reality is and what it is not? Have you ever decided to do something that was extreme and people generally thought you were crazy?

About a month ago, I acted upon a deep urging that I had within my heart for approximately six months previously. I hesitate to claim that I had God’s leading in this matter in my life. Yet, I cannot put it down to anything else. Personally, I believe that God called me to this extreme. Six months ago, this idea burst upon me rapidly like fireworks being blown in my face. I tried to push it from my face. Yet, the idea burned in my head.

Not only did this decision cause havoc in my own inner being, but it also wreaked chaos in some key relationships in my life. That was difficult. Nonetheless, God has continually reassured me that I am exactly where He wants me. He has used many different people in my life and He has encouraged me through His word. Granted, some may believe the worst of me. I wish that this were not the case, but it is the reality of the consequences of action.

Right about now, I am sure you all just desire that I would cut to the chase and tell you what my action. Frankly, I shaved my head. Let me give you a few seconds to recover from your shock. This action was not out of rebellion nor was it to give anyone pain. I have found, though, that people tend to believe whatever they wish to believe. I give you that freedom. Before you tag me as a future druggy though, let me just remind you I am simply trying to follow the Lover of my Soul to the absolute best of my ability. Perhaps one day I will look back on this decision-to-action as a mistake, so be it. I have noticed that it is a recurring theme that God uses mistakes.

So have you ever jumped from a window at the spur of the moment? Have you ever done something so fantastic that not one person was aware that it even happened? Have you ever walked in the snow in your bare feet? Have you ever considered the impossible as possible?

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