Thursday, February 4, 2010


There was a girl. She had brown hair, big eyes, and music in her heart. It would have been her greatest joy if the world would join in the song that she sings in her heart. There were days when the weather seemed to be in perfect accordance with her feelings. Yet, she found that the weather did not have to match for her to have a day that caused her to dance down the sidewalks.

Once I walked behind a couple, they were holding hands. No they were not old nor were they children. They were young and very enthralled with each other. For some reason, I did not feel bile rise in my throat. Perhaps it was in the way that they simply walked along and talked. They did not cling. I smiled a small smile. Abruptly, the man-child began to skip energetically causing his girlfriend to laugh. I could tell that she was partly embarrassed but light heartedly amused. By accident in his fervor to skip, he stepped on her foot causing her to almost fall into a pine tree. Disaster was put off by the strength of his hold of her hand. After the girl caught her balance, she began to skip as well with her laughter perfuming the air. By now, my smile had grown and a giggle crept through my lips.

I know a girl who for her birthday cut out the center of her vanilla with sprinkles and chocolate iced cake. I think she ate it with relish. I do not know, though, because I found the cake missing its heart the next day. Everyone knows that the center of almost any dessert is by far the best.

Five boys stood near the frozen pond. Two lingered by the edge of the pond. The other three boys were spread out across the surface of the pond’s ice. They took turns using an axe to hack at the ice. These men were very intent upon their work. Perhaps they wanted to try ice fishing. Perhaps it was some type of statement meant to declare that they are manly men. Well, all that can be seen is that there are two awkward holes in the surface of the ice. Hopefully, they caught a goldfish for all their labors.