Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Roll of the Tongue


They are absolutely amazing. Not only do we use them in day to day conversation, but they are used to describe a whole conglomeration of things from aurora to opacity. Words are beautiful in their strength. I have seen people crushed by words and I have seen people positively blossom under the encouragement of words.

Occasionally, upon the learning of a new word, I find myself repeating it to myself and rolling it over my tongue. I feel like a snake who tastes the air and tests the wind. I find words such as 'diaphanous' or 'voluptuous' appealing to repeat numerous times. Perhaps, four syllables are attractive to me.

Words have strength. They carry significance and purport. While in the Dominican Republic, I noticed that my Dominican brother knew the word 'sorry' in English as well as in Spanish. Sometimes to apologize to us for something he would use the word 'sorry' in English but immediately after saying 'sorry' he would say 'lo siento.' It was an odd realization to me because I realized that 'sorry' really meant nothing to him and that is why he always followed it up with the words that meant something to him. Words convey meaning and therefore they should be used with care and wisdom.

I love words. I love their taste and I love how I can divulge innumerable sensational happenings with them in a million different arrangements. Words are simply fascinating.