Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miss Ingla D. R.

1. The roosters who have absolutely no clue when dawn is so they crow at all sorts of awkward hours such as two or four in the morning or three in the afternoon.
2. Open doors of the culture whether it be in their friendship or it be within their houses and how doors and windows hang open.
3. Greeting by a kiss on the cheek which can be a lot less awkward than trying to this strange shuffle of arms trying to figure out who's arms go where. (Of course, old men kisses get awkward)
4. Rice and beans made by mi mami.
5. Seeing my toes in the sunshine everyday and never wearing shoes.
6. The sweet yet aggravatingly challenging sound of another language being spoken to me.
7. Finding my familiar friend Orion in the sky during the night and feeling at home.
8. Sweating through every shirt that I had within moments.
9. Spending hours and hours at a time with absolutely nothing to do but relax on the front porch.
10. Discovering a new culture

The Dominican Republic, I like you.