I am a 22-year-old recovering college student who likes to write about the world around me. Some say that my perspective of the world is unique. I wouldn't know. After all, I can only see what I can see.

This blog began out of spite when I was not chosen to represent my college in a blog form. I decided that I would begin a blog where I could write whatever I wanted to an audience who might not have found me if I only represented a college. Obviously, blogging has agreed with me.

This blog opens up a space where I can share growth, stories, and passions from my life. It's also a place where I go on random flights of fancy. These flights of fancy are like children dancing in a sunshine-filled forest.

Welcome to my Glade of Random. May it please you during your stay and may it provoke thought in your monotonous, daily adventures. Please dance with us children.