Friday, January 1, 2010

TO dreaming and inspiration!

I adore the month of January and the first day of the year. Simply because this day and month symbolizes to me a 'new beginning.' This is the time where all the world seems open to one yet again. This is when people endeavor to create and keep New Year's resolutions. It carries the feel of 'anything is possible.'

For Christmas, my aunt gave me a new journal. I love new journals for the same reason that I love the first day of January and the month of January. Perhaps, it is in a book of clean pages just waiting to be filled with my most intimate thoughts and crazy ravings. I found myself stroking the outside cover of the new journal and slowly allowing the pages to purr as I flipped through them quickly. New journals bring new beginnings.

When I see a beginning, I always wonder what will follow. I wonder simple things like will I get a summer internship. I wonder if I will fall in love. I wonder if I will have a crazy adventure that will completely revolutionize the way that I live my life. I cannot help but wonder at the strange things that I will do and that will happen in my life.

A year is a short time. Yet, a lot can happen in a year.

Every year, I try to find a focus for my year. This new year slipped in quietly. In fact, I looked up from the movie that we were watching to realize that we were already fifteen minutes into the year 2010. For a moment, I felt a sad sting of loss for missing "the moment." Yet, the next, I was fine because the movie was inspirational. It encouraged one to dream big and to persevere after that dream. With the encouragement of that movie, I claim this 2010 for dreams.

Dreams are not just found in fate. They must be chased after with perseverance and determination. Therefore, I also claim the verse in the Bible that states through struggle, we gain perseverance. Through perseverance, character. And through character, hope. Hope does not disappoint because it is found in Christ Jesus. No matter what, I think we have nothing to lose and everything to gain from persevering towards our dreams.

Lastly, I find that generosity is imperative in all things. The American culture is extremely selfish. We only help people when it either makes us look good or we don't need whatever it is we are giving. What a selfish way to live! I am going to endeavor to be generous in everything that I have. Everything in life is replaceable except relationships and people. My things are unimportant next to the girl who might wish to borrow my favorite shirt.

This year, I want to help make dreams come true for other people. I am not certain how that will come about, but I'm willing to try.

Persevere through the tough times and chase those crazy dreams.

The best advice ever given to me was "one day at a time" and "don't give up." Allow me to share this with you and hold tight to it.