Monday, December 5, 2011

The Little Red Squiggle

Is it not strange when all of a sudden you find that your eye has found a strange fixation with a squiggle on the floor? It's a dirty little squiggle - partly dirt and partly pink. It could have come from a shoe or a drop of red kool-aid. Will we ever know?

Of course, it could be something much more. Perhaps, that squiggle has adorned my kitchen floor for years only fading now. This squiggle slightly in the curving line of a drop of liquid might have been a drop of blood from another resident before me. That drop must have come from a dangerous duel with kitchen knives. I'm certain that my resident survived by cutting the thumb off of her attacker causing the attacker to flee.

Yet, the squiggle could simply bit of left over cherry kool-aid from that one party that my roommate decided to have while the rest of us were completing weekend activities. That squiggle dribbled into existence when a random boy visitor bumped into a next door neighbor in my kitchen. The impact of their bump caused her cup to fly from her hand. Thankfully, only a drip of red kool-aid remained in the bottom of her cup. This is the smudge left on the floor sticking to every tennis shoe or sock to pass over this squiggle. Did I mention that this lil couple is deep in date-love now? It all started with that little smudge of red kool-aid.

Sometimes, I think that the little squiggle may have been left by a joyful fairy with a drawing utensil on hand. While my roomies and I slept, this little fairy must have leapt from her hiding place to skip around our apartment, to recline in our Christmas tree, and to laugh at our large shoes. Surely, Miss Fairy discovered one of our red pens. Dragging it through the air, I think she must have dropped it just so over the kitchen floor resulting in a red squiggle. You know, that's probably how that pen got on the floor that caused my poor roommate to lose her footing the next morning. She's clumsy already, but random pens just don't help the situation.

Little red squiggles on kitchen floors can come from anything - not just kool aid or food.