Sunday, March 13, 2011

Operation: Strawberry Chicken

dancing chickens found here
Strawberries are my favorite fruit. If I could, I would eat them for breakfast, in class, for lunch, for snack, during exercise, in place of water, while showering, for dinner, for dessert, and for a midnight snack. It just so happens that I have enough strawberries to pull this off at least for about 24 hours.

I also like (dancing) chicken.

In a college dorm, ingredients are limited.

However, I wanted chicken with strawberries. I endeavored to find myself a recipe. I came up with a recipe from

Unfortunately, I had neither ginger nor strawberry jam. I rooted about my ingredient cabinet for a while and found cloves. I smelled it and tried to imagine the taste of strawberries mixed with it. The taste in my head seemed promising. I gathered all the ingredients that I had or wanted to add.

2 frozen chicken tenders
6 fresh strawberries diced
1/2 tbs butter
a dollop of olive oil
a pinch of cloves
a pinch of cinnamon

Pulling out my handy dandy frying pan, I tossed the butter, oil, and chicken in the pan. After chicken cooked, I swapped the chicken out for the strawberries. As the sweet aroma of strawberries permeated the air, I gently sprinkled in cloves. The cinnamon came as an afterthought as I carefully combined the taste of cinnamon with the perfume that I was smelling from the pan. I decided to add a bit of cinnamon. As the strawberries softened and the ingredients mixed, I re-added the chicken to the mix. I allowed the chicken to soak in the mixture for a while as it regained its warm temperature. Finally, I removed the frying pan from the burner and dumped its contents into a waiting bowl.

I imagine that this combination could possibly taste good with some plain rice. Also, I feel like some more experimentation might be called for to created a more pristine and signature flavor. However, I am contented with this recipe for the time being because it satisfied my craving for a lunch of strawberries and chicken.