Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entropy and Meat Markets




Boys and Girls. Have you ever noticed the mess that we create for ourselves. Girls chasing boys. Boys chasing girls. All running around in circles trying to catch "the one." Our mating dance is probably one of the most ridiculous of all the creatures within the world. Of course, it happens to be the most intricate and emotionally draining and physically straining dance as well.

In college, we join this giant meat market. Everybody is checking out everybody else. It is incredibly depressing. What am I - only a body that happens to be a female? Please. I cannot help but be a little bit peeved. Every person on this campus and any college campus is much more than they seem. I am one of those goofheads that tend to judge people on first impressions. Therefore, I'm just as bad as some of those pieces of meat.

I always wonder to myself what men think of those women on facebook or on other places that write about how desperate they are to be in a relationship and have a boyfriend. Personally, I understand that desire. Yet, I still cannot believe that they not only publicize it on facebook but also in real life.


Humans are desperate be it for money or for love. We are a desperate race. I do not think that I have ever known a time in life that was without some sort of desperation. In some places, desperation might be a good thing. In love, desperation is never a good idea. Someone once told me that love should not be awakened before its time.

That is an excellent truth.

I know some girls. (what a surprise) You know, love is addicting and so is kissing. This is what I have heard after long periods of listening to the hearts and thoughts of these girls. Once a person begins loving, that person is forever intertwined with their love's life even if the relationship falls through. Love is a risk and often causes pain. Kissing is a whole other problem. A person needs to be careful. Love is dangerous and you could get mono from kissing so be careful. Don't be desperate.

Oh, another pet peeve.

"The One."

It kills me. Girls talk about 'the one.' They dream about their prince charmings. Perhaps I should mention that I don't specifically believe in 'the one' and I tend to take the view that life is more like a book with many endings. Depending on what decisions you make through your book, you have different endings. I'm not searching for 'the one.' I am looking to enjoy school and find more adventures in life so if i happen to run into a 'whoever' - well, that's cool - but I don't intend to focus my life upon that one occurrence.

After all, the somebody who said, "Wedded bliss" must have also said "Ignorance is bliss." I'm guessing he or she was not married. Girls feed themselves these awesome romance books and movies like the Disney Princess where all the romance and love ends with a gorgeous wedding. This has caused a huge epidemic of women who have fallen in love with the idea of love, the idea of marriage, and a big huge elegant wedding. Weddings are the 'happily ever after.' Romance novels and movies always seem to end right before the reality of 'wedded bliss' hits. We have got a bunch of girls with rose colored sunglasses wandering around believing that romance ends in a 'happily ever after.' Weddings are just the beginning of a whole new adventure.



looking for a 'whoever.'


Ranting at the world.