Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pink Tennis Shoes

so the other day, I went to Barnes & Nobles. It's Spring Break. The campus is like the impersonation of death. It's ghostly quiet. Everyone is at home. Yet, there are still a couple of ghosts haunting - that would be my friends and I.

Due to all buildings being closed. We had to find other places to hang out so we went to the mall. While at Barnes & Nobles where I was being my very geeky self and delving into books, I felt that intense pain in my bladder that could possibly proceed one peeing their pants. I swiftly made the bathroom my destination while trying to make it look like I was not desperate for it.

I awkwardly questioned a lady standing outside of the bathroom if she was waiting. She looks at me with my spiked short hair and says, "No, but I do know that three out of the four stalls are without toilet paper." I look at her and shrung. In my head, I chuckle to myself, "no toilet paper? I've been to the D.R....really?" Not to mention, that peeing my pants was not an option that I wanted to take.

Casually, I sashay into the bathroom and walk into the nearest stall. Sweet Relief with full knowledge of no toilet paper. As I squat with my pants around my knees, I see two little pink tennis shoes walk into the next stall. The shoes are facing me. The little girl bends down and I suddenly see her knees and then her hands. An odd sense of foreboding creeps into my mind. I bend down more to try to see this Peeping Penelope and I am feeling extremely vulnerable.

Just then, her errant mother realizes that her daughter is trying to make contact with the alien in the next stall. As I pulled up my pants, I had to giggle to myself as I listened to the mother and child converse. Children are just curious.

And this is what occurs in the bathroom of Barnes & Nobles.