Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunshine Snobbery

With spring sunshine spilling through my windows and a sweet movie about friendship playing in the background with the gentle rumblings of my roommate's music climbing the basement stairs, I sit curled on the couch with my laptop nestled in my lap with a thought on my mind.

So that is not abnormal in itself if you've spent two minutes with me - I'd hope that you would find that I'm a person of thought. Of course, the other day, I found out that people generally peg me as a snob upon first meeting. That wasn't exactly a surprise. It wasn't exactly a sweet moment. For those of you who are annoyed at some snob in your life, take a minute and listen to a person who has been pegged as that once or twice in her life. Snobbery generally stems from either shyness, fear, or uncertainty. From this snob to the next snob, please be kind to those people who are sadly mistaken about who you are through their first impressions. (On a side note, did you know that Pride and Prejudice was originally entitled First Impressions?)

The sunshine that has decided to filter into my life over the past week of Spring break has done funny things to my head. Perhaps it is in the fact that is a Sunday. For some reason, sundays hold a magic of their own. It's a day of whimsy and celebration of being alive. Should I mention that I'm wearing a beanie hat from Antigua that has all the colors of the rainbow in it and a floral dress with designs that scream summer. To top off this creative ensemble, I have a pair of harem pants that gather gracefully at the ankle. I've not met a soul who dresses like this, but if it were warm enough I would proudly march out my door to dance with the sunshine.

okay. so I did just throw my door open and invite the world into my private imaginings. My house faces a pretty well-traveled road. Therefore, I got some odd looks as I stood in my doorway soaking in the feel of the cold pavement under my feet and the chilly air encircling my arms. As I tried to imagine the thoughts of those who drove past and stared, a grin grew on my face.

Life is not quite this delicious all the time, but I do find these golden moments where I feel as though wings might sprout on my ankles and I might soar into the sky and experience the world in ways that no one else has ever or ever will discover the world. I revel in beauty. I do my best to find beauty in every situation. I think I may even occasionally walk around with a pair of stars in my eyes. These stars hamper vision. Yet, I think they hamper my sight for the better. They give me vision.

I see you.

It's a phrase that people might use in greeting or a mother might say to a wayward child. I see you. It is so simple, but it can mean so much. Just ask the authors of the book Captivating and Wild at Heart. When one says that phrase, it could only mean I see you physically or perhaps it is an acknowledgement of your statement. To everything in life, there must be a deeper meaning but how many people take the time to search out that deeper meaning? It takes time and thought.

Well, I'm talking with my brother via skype now so enough all these magic dust ramblings.