Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving Brilliancy

I have an odd obsession with names I have noticed. Perhaps it is in the way that they are so completely and totally connected to the object to which they are named. Recently, I have begun to notice the way of signatures. Not only is that the name of the person but it also in their writing. Signatures are so very minuscule yet incredibly important. Afterall, they are used daily whether to sign a card for your lover or a check for a million dollars.

For as long as I can remember, I have always signed my name with a shooting star flying below it. Originally, I only signed my name with a star because I loved stars. Yet, it needed the movement so it transformed itself into a shooting star. Since I am so very enthralled with the meaning of names, I began to muse over the meaning of the shooting star that had become so much a part of my signature.

I realized that the shooting star had become a stationary object in my signature when a friend of mine forged my signature on a card. The thing that made my signature was in the fact that she had the flying star beneath my name. I realized that the shooting star had become a part of me by being a part of my name.

The symbolization of a shooting star can be many things. For example, a shooting star is generally wrapped up with quickly shooting to brilliant success in a person’s ventures. Yet, at the same time, a shooting star fizzles out rapidly. It is here briefly and then gone forever. This moving brilliancy is like one’s life. It is short.

From now on, when I slash the star across the bottom of my signature, I shall endeavor to remember the shortness yet brilliancy of life. Life is brief. So when I sign that card for my mom and that fifty dollar check, I will remember the starry gift of life that I have been given.