Saturday, October 31, 2009

You're really cute but I can't understand you.

So the fact of the matter is that I have NOT been slacking off blogging. Really truly. The case is that this past week I have had only two chances to be on the internet. This is the second time. Therefore, I just did not have time to type out something long and amazing.

For those of you who care to know. I have been working in a school for preschoolers and kindergarden students the past week. I can already tell that my comprehension of Spanish has improved a whole lot. I surprised my Mami yesterday when I understood exactly what she said the first time through and the fact that I trusted that I knew what she said. I do a lot of second guessing when in a conversation with a Spanish speaker. Often, I understand what has been said the first time but I just didn't believe that I had understood completely.

Anyways, my classroom is of four and five year olds. This week, I learned the alphabet right along with them. I never learned the Spanish alphabet so this was a good thing. The best part was when I tried to help teach them the alphabet and I didn't even really know it myself. cool, huh?

The children adore their teacher. She walks into the classroom and the children start to tell her how beautiful she is and they reach out to touch her as she walks by. They are soooooo sweet. They love saying my name over and over again because it rolls of the tongue. I love kids.