Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Queen of Darkness

I’m a creeper of the night.

The night is mysterious. It envelopes the world in a darkness that is both welcoming and dangerous. It is both comforting and scary. In the hours of dark, grievous things are said to occur and they sometimes do. Yet, in the cover of darkness, other things of beauty happen as well.

In the night hours, one can wander through deserted streets. One can wonder many a thing in these wandering moments. In those dark moments, one can peep up at the sky and see a world completely other than our own world of normal goings-on. In this world of other, points of light cut through the darkness that so completely and utterly encircles this present location. These points of light whisper of something more beautiful and exciting than what one experiences in one’s own world.

I’m a creeper of the night. I feel most comforted in the circle of darkness. It’s a place of security where no one sees me except when I desire them to do so. I am comfortable here only peeking at those points of light. I admire their beauty but have no desire to see more of their strong light that barely reaches me through my circle of security.

In the dark, I have stolen a kiss when in the morning light I would have died to do so. Everything is simpler in the night. It is a neutral being – the darkness. We make it both comforting and menacing. Whether friend or foe, the dark is and will never stop just being.

The darkness is my friend because in the shadow of the darkness, I can flee the drama of life and hide from those who would seek me out. I walk in the dark. No one can see my tears in the dark or see my dance in dark. I’m alone and I’m happy.

Depth in life is to be sought. Perhaps that is why night is so entirely inviting.
Everything deepens. Night darkens the shadows and hides the scars of day. Although morning brings a fresh beginning, night is the time for pensive thought and melancholy wishful dreams.

I’m a creeper of the night and I like it.