Monday, October 5, 2009

Mist of a Waterfall

In the morning sunlight, I scurried up a huge boulder and perched atop it. From my rock, I could see the waterfall and then follow the path of the water down the river a bit. The view was beautiful. All other sounds were muted by the music of the waterfall. The sunbeams danced across the mist of the waterfall and slithered along the boulders that bedecked the banks of the river. The gentle folk that reside along the river were clothed in their richest and deepest greens. They stood stoic except for an occasional whisper in this sparkling scene. Far above near the beginning of the waterfall a huge rock jutted from the earth majestically. If one looked close enough, you might catch a glimpse of a long ago warrior silhouetted against the waterfall.

I reveled in the scene around me. Finally, I relaxed against my boulder with my back against the cool stone. This place was paradise. Far above me was the blue sky and I could no longer fathom the gorgeous surrounding topped off with a serene blue sky. It was too much. In my mind’s eye, I grew wings. With those wings I soared as close to the waterfall as possible and then followed the trek of the water. Just as the wind caressed my hair, the wind would caress the feathers of my wings. Instead of tumbling from the top of my rock in a heap of legs and arms, I would just shoot up into the sky and dance in the room of the sky. I imagined that I could almost feel the growth of my wings. Yet, it was not to be.

Somewhat dejectedly, I rolled over on my side to take in the view of the waterfall again. I froze. For what met my eyes was not what I had expected. Simply walking from the depths of the base of the waterfall was a woman. The majestic strength of the waterfall held no sway over the maiden. It seemed to ease and make way for her. The water moved like a curtain. This waterfall nymph had honey brown hair that tumbled in wet curls down her back. In every movement, she was graceful and her body had sweet, gentle curves. These curves were masked by the thin film of a fabric that seemed to be made of thread as fine as spider’s web. The gown was unique in the fact that one could not tell where it began and where it ended. It just was. Even from so far away, I could tell that her eyes were the most riveting silver. I gazed in wonder. This beautiful creature glided towards me in the water. The depth of the water did not matter. The waterfall nymph always walked along the top.

I dared not move a muscle as I watched her progress towards me. I was not certain if I slept or if this was just a continuation of my daydreaming. She lifted a dainty foot over a rock and then looked up. Her gaze enveloped me. I felt no fear and she was bold in her look. Tentatively, I slowly smiled. A smile quickly danced across her face. In that moment, there was nothing else in the world except for this waterfall nymph and myself. Everything had silenced and grayed. I was held by that smile. Then, she was gone. I am not certain where she went. I had my eyes open and I did not blink. It was as though the laughing sun had just temporarily painted the waterfall nymph in the mist of the waterfall. Perhaps, that was the case. I could not be sure.

Without much grace, I tumbled off my boulder. I had to investigate. With rapid feet, I tripped over stones along the bank as I hurried to the place that I had last seen this beautiful mirage. In the midst of a more shallow section of the river was the rock that she had perched her dainty foot upon. Unlike the maiden, I splashed through the water. The rock glistened. Which is definitely normal for a rock sitting in the center of a river for it gets wet out there. I wanted more than that. As I drew near to the rock, my eyes were drawn to a curious thing on the rock. Upon the rock, there lay a most beautiful piece of jewelry. The beads seemed to be as pristine as raindrops. I picked it up and then slowly slipped it onto my ankle. It fit perfectly. A chill raced down my spine in excitement.

My mind played hopscotch with different ideas as to why I had seen the waterfall nymph and she had chosen to leave a piece of jewelry for me. Of course, I did not have to investigate her reality. Yet, I had. Finally, I slipped one of my favorite rings off my finger and placed it on the same rock that I had found the anklet. I did not know if she would return. Yet, I knew it was proper to exchange a gift if one is given to you.

I still wear the anklet on my right ankle. The beads have never dimmed and carry a whisper of the music of the waterfall. Unlike other pieces of jewelry, it has never broken or scratched. There is something odd about it. I have never had the opportunity to return to that specific waterfall because my travels have called me elsewhere. Yet, I have a feeling that somewhere there is a waterfall nymph with honey brown curly hair with a human ring adorning her hand. When I shut my eyes, I always find myself at that waterfall.