Monday, November 2, 2009

Conversations With November

Welcome, November.

Yesterday, I walked to one of my friend’s house. It took me about fifteen minutes and by the time I arrived at her house. I was sweating. On the way, I could not help but marvel at how intense the heat of the sun was and how glorious the cool of the shade was. I never thought that there could be such a difference between the two.

When I got to Ali’s house, her Dominican family greeted me and bade me to sit down. I sat briefly. Then, I joined Ali in her room while she prepared for our outing of Ultimate Frisbee. At one point, she asked me what day it was. When I responded, “November 1st,” Ali exclaimed, “It’s November and I’m hot.”

Adjusting to living in a different culture was difficult. Living daily in another culture and not pining away for my own home culture was difficult as well. Yet, I have fallen in love with this place. A lot of people in my group believe that they will return to the Dominican Republic someday. Meanwhile, I only know that I have enjoyed my stay here and that I look forward to more traveling adventures. It’s been a rocky road, but challenge is good.

But back to the fact that it is November. The fact that the weather does not fit in with my script of what the weather should be like for the month of November is very confusing indeed. My head knows that it is November, but I live in denial and scream somewhere deep within me, “Mentiroso!” (liar!) You cannot tell me that it is November because it is eighty degrees Fahrenheit or hotter all the time.

November. This will be my last full month in the Dominican Republic because I will be leaving in December. What a bittersweet thought. My roommate claims that she will bawl her eyes out when it is time for us to leave. I don’t believe that I will because I know that I cry about stupid things like math homework or something extremely frustrating. Yet, when I have reason to shed tears, I cannot seem to do it.

November, I’m confused. You’re supposed to be cold and explosion of color. Well, here in the DR, you don’t do any of that. Perhaps, it is a little bit cooler, but is definitely still very green everywhere I look.

November, the people here are already decorating for Christmas. I think they are confused. Don’t they know that Christmas decorating comes after Thanksgiving? But wait a second, they don’t have Thanksgiving. The Christmas season starts whenever they want it to.

November, I think it’s going to be a good month because it’s your month.