Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dedicated to a pair of Blue Eyes

Have you ever seen a pair of eyes that stop you in your tracks? Then, there is that moment of choice where you could continue walking or gaze with adoration into those ocean blue orbs of wonder. Do you stop or do you keep walking? I stop.

Recently, or not so recently, I found such a pair of eyes in a dear friend of mine. She invited me to gaze into her eyes and so I did. I was drawn to them. In those blue eyes, I saw silver and gold stars. When I looked deeper, I could not contain my awe in the creator who made those gorgeous blue eyes. Words bubbled out of my mouth. Those eyes were full of fireworks - fireworks in full bloom of that moment of excited explosion. When I looked at the intricacies of this lovely woman’s eyes, I saw the distant whisper and the echo of those explosions of fireworks. In the lighter blue of her eyes, I saw the whisper of the sparkle in her eyes. It seemed to hint at the mystery and depth of the woman sitting before me.

I’ve tried to describe the wonder that those brilliant eyes contained, but I find that words fail me. I could sit for years and never fully share the beauty that I saw in those dazzling happy blue eyes. If I were to spend every moment of my life following this pair of sapphire eyes, I could never find words to not only portray the eyes of this woman but to describe the excellence of this Godly woman.