Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life Words

Where does a story begin? When is that perfect moment of beginning? Is there a moment that is more perfect for a beginning than any other minute?

I always wonder when my story is going to begin. Isn’t that a silly thought? I’m just chilling in my room in the small island country of the Dominican Republic wondering when my story is going to begin. If I forever spend my life wondering when my story is going to begin, will I ever get past the beginning or will I one day wake up and realize that all along I was living a story filled with more adventures than I could have imagined? The definition of life might as well be a string of adventures or a story in the process of being told.

Here, I think that my story has yet to begin. Truly, it was begun long ago before I even set my little baby foot onto this planet and before I was even created in the womb. My story is just a small sentence or word within the greater story of the God who created the universe. I worry about my story, though. I ought to be worrying about what my one word in God’s story will be. Correct, God is writing my life story or at least I desire Him to do so. Yet, if my life is only one word within in His grand story, what is that word going to be?

I’m certain that I could be content with being a measly word article such as “a” or “the.” I kind of want more than that, though. I’m thinking more along the lines of a ‘ten cent word’ as my mother likes to say. I’d love to have my life defined by one stellar word. I’m not certain what it would be, though. I once used the word ‘peculiar’ to describe me as an overall person. I do think it still holds yet for my life word I want more.

Of course, in the grand story with God as the grand author, I don’t get much say in the word that He would choose to describe my life. I do know that it would be a great honor to be called “faithful” by God. I desire to join the Hebrews 11 Hall of Fame. My life word shall forever be a mystery, but I will strive to be a person who lives her life as “by faith.”