Saturday, October 10, 2009


A cloud is a filmy white thing that floats in the sky. Sometimes it becomes ominously gray and then opens up and spits out rain. People claim that clouds are created by little particles of water. Yet, these celestial things seem to be so much more than just water. Clouds must be more.

What are clouds? Clouds are that little bit of heaven that seems to entrance the child staring out the window. When a person looks out a window wistfully and thinks of many different things, their eyes are generally caught on a cloud. Clouds are made up of the thoughts of people who are trapped in classrooms and wishing to be somewhere else. They throw their thoughts at the sky. Those thoughts become clouds.

In those thought clouds, those thoughts and wondering float around the world. They explore the things you cannot while stuck in a classroom. Then, when it rains, those thoughts come plummeting back to earth. They saturate the ground.

Those thoughts turn into ideas. They grow like plants and become action. Clouds are thoughts.