Friday, April 29, 2011

What If the Concept of College was Re-defined?

People call college "the best four years" of their lives. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent for board, tuition, classes, books, etc. After college ends, where do we go? How do we pay off these debts? Graduation is like a jump board out of the cozy environment that we've been living in to a world labeled "dog-eat-dog." Suddenly, graduates have to realize that life does not revolve around school. For 16 years, undergraduate students attend different academic systems to gain the education level that they want or feel that is expected. And then, school ends.

What comes after school? Real life? Family? A job?

College definitely has its perks; however, does a degree truly make one more prepared for life than real life experience? What if life experience and schooling could be combined?

Timothy Cook at The Saxifrage School has a vision to redesign college education. Not only does he have the vision, but he is putting action behind his ideas.

This is the Saxifrage School, a college redesign project with dual-majors, language fluency, and real-life skills. It's a real place that will have 400 students, 40 professors, and a $5000 tuition. The Saxifrage School is set to open in 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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