Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ask An Author: Rhonda Brutt

As you all know, the past couple of weeks have consisted of a continued interview with Rhonda Brutt who recently had her book, Voyance, published. As this series draws to a close, keep checking back for a giveaway of Rhonda Brutt's book Voyance. Now, onto the questions!


Asked by Alysha: At what point did it become real that you were actually publishing a work you created?

Answered by Rhonda:
I was sitting at my computer one evening when I saw an Outlook email message appear and then fade out on the bottom corner of my screen. The only thing I remember seeing were the words “Voyance Contract Offer” and that’s when it actually became real for me. Up until that point it was still only a goal. A publishing contract however is an official affirmation, and I’m not ashamed to say that it brought a few tears as I opened it up and read it.

Asked by Kristen: What were her strategies when it came to writer's block?

Answered by Rhonda:
Warning, none of you are going to like my answer! I have never, ever, experienced writers block. (knock on wood!) But then again, I have only written one book and I wasn’t writing under a deadline either. Some writers need the pressure put on them to keep writing, I’m just the opposite.

However I will share a story with you… A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing a very well known author of several mystery novels give a speech. One question that was asked of her was “Where do you get all these ideas and plots for books?” She said that she goes back into old news stories and looks at cold cases that were never solved to get ideas. Then she said that one day, as she was flipping through the classified ads of the newspaper, she was shocked at how many ads there were that read “Wedding Dress, size whatever, Never Worn.” She got to wondering why all of these wedding dresses were never worn. Figuring she might get some material for a book she began to go through the ads and call them. To all of you ladies that are reading this…if you ever have to sell a wedding dress that you never got the opportunity to wear, and an anonymous caller wants to know why, DO NOT spill your guts out to them about the whole horrible story because you might just see a fictional version of it on a book shelf someday! Remember, less is more, just say “it didn’t work out” and leave it at that!!! This author got way more info than she ever dreamed people would tell her over the phone and presto, she also got a bestselling novel out of it. The review for this book was even featured in People magazine!

If writers block occurs then look for ideas in ordinary places. Get out and talk to people. Who would have thought that a bestseller would come out of a few weeks of phone calls to distraught brides who for many various reasons, never made it to the altar!

Asked by Nancy: Are any of the scenarios in the book things you experienced?

Answered by Rhonda:
Absolutely! Although I don’t mention any of the locations in my book by their actual names since it is a fictional story, I still knew the exact places I was writing about. The parks, beaches, inlets, boats and hotels, resorts, etc. are in fact real places that actually exist. It would be a “spoiler” for those who have not read my story to go into any detail about it here but I will list a few of the chapters that I wrote about from personal experience. Here are a few: The Whale, Pulling Me Under, Cinderella Escapes, Turtles Can Race, A Deaf Date, and the entire camping trip, down to the very last detail (minus the ESP element and the cell phones). I thought my parents were going to ground me for the rest of my life for that one, thankfully they didn’t! There are also other parts or sections that have an element of personal experience mixed in with more “story line” to make the plot a little more solid.

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. It's sunny here! Even if I'm kept doing homework most of the day, I'll be happy because it's sunny.