Friday, April 8, 2011

Tree Houses

As a child, I dreamed of having a treehouse in my backyard. For a kid, I had it pretty good with a lovely climbing tree next to a swing set. Personally, I think my back yard was a child's paradise. However, I would have loved to have a legitimate tree house. It would have fueled so many imaginative games.


Happily, my love of tree houses doesn't have to die out as I grow up. Tree houses grow with me.


I wonder what it would take to get to stay there for just a day. Of course, if one is feeling adventurous and has a passport handy, jet off to South China for a stay at this idyllic play place.

You know, even though I'm afraid of heights, I'm pretty sure that if this tree house happened to go on sale and I happened to have an extra couple hundred grand in my back pocket, I would grab my handy dandy How To guide and buy this baby right up.


And if you're not feeling ambitious enough to take up residence in a tree house, why not spend a meal in one? Okay, well, this treehouse has only been considered in concept. However, I think it's a neat idea.


If you are still as enthralled by tree houses as I am, I suggest you go check out these 10 Amazing Tree Houses.

Uh, oh. I just discovered my newest interest. It looks absolutely divine. Although not quite a tree house, it has to do with trees and houses. It's referred to as a Hanging Human Birdhouse.

When you were a kid, did you love tree houses? If you could live in a tree house now, would you? What do you think of the Hanging Human Birdhouse?