Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Singing in Michigan

Perhaps you have missed my presence in blogosphere. Perhaps, you didn't even notice my absence. However, I feel that I should explain that I have been traveling throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this past week with my college choir. My time consisted of eating, driving, sleeping, eating, singing, eating, choir concert, eating, and talking with the host families. We stayed with five host families throughout the week. Each church that we performed at somehow managed to find families to host 47 people.

Some fun quirks about my host families.

Host Family #1: This hospitable magazine mom not only generously shared food and family history with us, she also offered us her 23-year-old single, very-dateable, medical-biology-studying son. She said he was attractive. I didn't believe her until I saw a picture. Deep-set blue eyes, square jaw, solid muscular body. I'm surprised that with that physique and his encouraging mother that he isn't dating anyone.

Host Family #2: This family has been in my acquaintance since the beginning of my college career. They placed four of us choir girls in one of their daughter's bedrooms. Two of us slept on an air mattress. It deflated during the night. I woke to the giggles of the girls as they tried to figure out how to rectify their deflated sleeping space.

Host Family #3: At this house, we ate fruit and popcorn. In the morning, I went to the bathroom to find the cat sitting in the bathtub. When I went to pee, the cat tried to jump in my lap. Yeah, that was interesting.

Host Family #4: This old, retired couple owned a house set far back in rural Michigan. The house was designed and built by a Civil War architect. It was a true beauty. The bathrooms were as big as a small bedroom. I felt that I had walked into a history novel. I would have stayed if I could.

Host Family #5: We resided in a small bedroom within a house that reminded me of a log cabin. The eleven-year-old daughter of this family attended both of our Sunday morning concerts at her church and promptly decided that she wanted to attend my college and be in the choir. Apparently, we had a pretty big impression on her.

Choir Tour went beautifully and I enjoyed almost every moment of it. Every once in a while, crabby people happen, but I guess that's to be expected!

Don't worry all! I didn't forget about the giveaway. I shall be announcing the winner soon!