Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flying Solo

The realm of imagination is an interesting place to dwell. I don't call it day dreams because I know that I'm creating the stories in my head and that they belong only within my imagination. After all, they only work there. Perhaps some of those imaginings could be true, but more often than not they would not survive in reality. I spent the majority of my day traveling through the airport within this realm of my own creation. Sure, I functioned in reality but my brain was stuck in the fantastic.

Rolling through the airport with my carry-on suitcase and my laptop bag, I could imagine that I was some celebrity going to a high end conference in Milan, Italy, or that I was headed to London. I conducted myself with poise sometimes pretending that I was a famous author off to research a story in the amazon of South America. My imagination ran wild. After all, I had no companion to pull me into the present.

My first flight, I was sandwiched between two snoring middle-aged men. It made for some good conversation. It's unfortunate that I didn't try to join in with their chorus. During my two hour layover in Wisconsin, I met a boy with a hip but geeky look that decided to leave his heart with me for safe keeping before he left for San Francisco. He decided this without having noticed me or talking to me. There was a young couple who must have been eloping to Akimiski Island (which is a place and is not just made up in my mind) and were throwing their disgruntled parents off their trail by first heading to Colorado. As I sat observing these people, a blonde bombshell with an outfit that would raise eyebrows or gain male appreciation clicked her way across the terminal to sit gracefully in a vacant seat. I am convinced that she was headed to Las Vegas to meet her rich lover.

As we loaded the airplane which by the way had a cougar painted across the tail, I was very focused on maneuvering my way through the crush of people. A small voice cut through my surreal world and chirped, "I like your necklace!" I looked down to see a small girl with a pink bow sitting on her head looking up at me with a grin. My aloof world's invisible barrier had just voluntarily crumbled as a smile grew on my own face to mirror hers. For the entire flight, I watched as these three little girls with halos of ethereal blonde hair systematically wrapped every passenger around their little pinkies. Within the space of two hours, I found myself playing peek-a-boo with the youngest over the seat and making the most laughable faces to amuse this small passenger.

This begins the epoch of my summer with Kingdom Building Ministries. I am now comfortably stretched out across the hotel bed on my stomach typing this as I try to adjust to the two hour time difference which isn't so incredibly horrible. It's just odd. From the window, I can see faint outlines of mountains and I just gorged myself on possibly the best hotel continental breakfast ever. I imagine the next couple of days shall be defined by introductions of all types.