Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a discovering...

On these summer days, I have absolutely nothing to do. It is not from want that I have nothing to do, but simply circumstances that bring me to this place. Therefore, you find me making a general nuisance of myself at the library where I order as many books as I can sometimes nearing numbers such as 50 or 60 books. My family finds me to be rather daft. I, on the other hand, find this freedom to be absolutely divine.

My choices daily are limited. I can read, watch a movie, listen to music, sing, play the piano, write my own literature, or just dream. It is amazing that one would tire of any of these occupations, but occasionally, I do. Those are the minutes where I intensely miss my consuming social life at school. Those minutes do not last long, though. I revel in this freedom even though I may seemingly be accomplishing anything of material worth.

This prose stems from the termination of a novel. It was a slip of a book by Barbara Quick called A Golden Web. It's story line is classically one of my favorites. Namely, a girl although naturally banned by society of learning who endeavors to take the world by guise. Inevitably, I know this story line like the back of my hand. Even before I had truly gotten more than halfway through I had already known the ending. As I said, it was a classic story line (or maybe overused).

While reading through the author's end notes, I made a couple of discoveries about myself. My favorite type of literature to read has always been historical fiction. Yet, I have never considered writing my own historical fiction because of the time and effort put in to research something so large. However, I have always excelled at research papers. I enjoy researching subjects that intrigue me. Therefore, why have I never considered writing historical fiction? Now, I have no idea if I shall ever write a novel. It takes determination, motivation,desire, inspiration, and patience. I am uncertain how many of these characteristics I have, but I am very willing to try.

My best learning about the past has always come in the form of a historical fiction novel. Of course the present holds its own intrigue, but there is something so very captivating about the stories that have been lost to us with the deaths of their bearers. Stories of other times and other places are extremely special to me. Perhaps this is why I wander cemeteries as though I live there...