Thursday, March 25, 2010

Charlotte's Web: A Fair-goer's Perspective

Dear Diary,

I met a boy today. At the county fair. By golly, I must begin at the very beginning. I always go to the county fair with my family, but this year, I had my new pink dress. I adore the pink pumps that go with it – and, oh, the sweater! It was a beautiful morning, this morning. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. It was the perfect morning to meet a boy.

It all began while I was in line for my cracker jacks. They’re my favorite. Suddenly, an announcement came over the loudspeaker talking about ‘some pig.’ I think it was the Zuckerman pig. Well, since I had my cracker jacks, I skipped right on over. The pig was cute. He wasn’t as big as some of the other pigs, but he was cleaner. I like clean pigs. They’re cute.

While I was admiring the pig and chatting with the owners, the mayor’s wife came with an award. In my estimation, she thinks pretty highly of herself so she’s always scooting people out of her way. I don’t like her much, but she is the mayor’s wife. She walked quickly past me saying, “EXCUSE ME! Excuse me.” I backed up real quick like and ran into a solid person. I turned to say ‘sorry’ and I looked into these huge blue eyes underneath a head of blonde hair.

I was so embarrassed! I am certain that I turned bright red. I scurried away to sit on a hay bale. My heart was beating so fast. I was trying to pay attention to what was going on with that pig, but that blonde boy was so entirely distracting. I saw him begin to walk towards me and I turned my head bashfully. When I turned back, he was sitting by me.

His name is Lurvy. He is so handsome and charming. I shared my cracker jacks with him. Apparently, they are his favorite, too! He works for the Zuckermans. I do hope that he comes calling soon.

Oh, yes! The pig fainted. I was worried at first but Lurvy – he said that it has happened before. He didn’t seem very worried. When the pig’s owner called Lurvy, he went to get water. Well, when he finally came back – it seemed like hours till he returned – Lurvy threw all the water on Zuckerman and this little boy. Honestly, it was funny. Poor Lurvy. He must have been so embarrassed, but I thought he was darling.

Later in the evening, I got to see Lurvy again. We went and got some ice cream together. He has this lovely Navajo blanket that we sat on while we ate and talked. He’s quiet, but I like that. I think he really does listen. I really hope he comes calling again. I wouldn’t mind greatly if I got called “Lurvy’s girl.” It has a nice ring to it. Lurvy’s Girl. I like it.

Fanci Vell (aka Lurvy’s Girl)