Monday, March 22, 2010

coming soon: a week chaotic

I am looking at a week - a very busy week - an extremely busy week - an extremely chaotic and exceptionally busy week. I think that the phrase describes my coming week perfectly. It's show week for Charlotte's Web. In college, this is my first production that I hold any type of role other than stage hand or back stage helper. Surely, my parts are three little nobodies but these three little nobodies still require me at every practice. I still receive make up, hair (well, wig for me), costumes, and lots of sitting time while waiting for my smidgen of stage time.

Even as this will consume my week, somewhere I still have to make time for everything else plus all the projects that professors have decided to drop on this week. " don't want to do that!" Shhhhbam. I have more to do than I had before - "okay, how can i beg off for at least this week..." so this is the life of a theater person. Hmmmm. Not sure that I like it. At least the balancing homework and everything else part or maybe I just stink at balancing.

Well, Happy Monday and Bon Voyage on your bountifully busy week.