Friday, September 18, 2009

A Wishlist of Impossibilities

The things that I wish that I had brought to the Dominican Republic with me.

1. A fly swatter

- Simply because there is no end to the flies. They are like an ever-present black cloud that hangs over and on your food.

2. Colorful bead bracelets

- Gift giving is all the rage here and a bracelet brought from the States and given by an Americana would be like gold.

3. Peliculas (aka Movies)

- My Dominican Republic family watches a lot of television and would probably love to see my movies (Peliculas). Also, it would be nice to have an American moment movie.

4. Cute Clothing

- Everyone dresses nice and there I am in my cut-offs and t-shirt. Awesome.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

- So the water has bacteria in it so I try to clean my “boo boo” with soap and water and it gets mildly infected. Good, right?

6. Aloe Vera

- No one gets burnt here. Only the gringos. Another ‘awesome’ moment.

7. My own Personal Translator

- Oh, wait. That defeats the purpose of trying to learn another language.

8. Hot Water

- Bucket baths with cold water gets old quickly.

9. Thousands of Chicken Muzzles

- Every try to sleep while the confused chickens ‘cockle doodle doodle’ at random points throughout the night. I’m pretty sure that the Dominican Republic is populated by a very confused bunch of chickens.

10. An extendable arm w/ boxing glove

- For all those men who drive by and slow down to stare longer. For all those men that find wicked joy in driving their motorcycle as close to a walking girl as possible and then continuing to drive by while watching you over their shoulder.