Sunday, September 6, 2009

Estoy Aqui

The rain thunders on the tin roof that protects my cabin full of girls from the elements. I feel as though I am encompassed in a waterfall. The might of the rain is thrilling. It drones on and on. Yet, I don’t tire of it. Here I sit in another country completely where cockroaches run free and lizards sleep with you. Even though so intensely out of my comfort zone, the roar of the rain comforts me. It reminds me that things will be both different and familiar here in the Dominican Republic.

The plane rides were uneventful. I was tense with both excitement and fear. The second flight was much more interesting because I sat by a flower of the Dominican Republic. She had just spent two and a half weeks in Miami. It was interesting to listen to her talk because it seemed that Miami was like a country of its own to her. After a while, I asked if I could try to speak Spanish with her. I didn’t quite horrible, but it was good to practice and stretch myself in that way.

Some Dominican Republic returner brought a Mickey Mouse balloon on the plane. I noticed it. I thought it was strange that someone would bring such a carry on. About twenty minutes into the flight, the balloon made its presence known by exploding. The explosion or loud pop caused momentary confusion and a bit of a panic. Of course, all was well and people soon settled into sleep. Meanwhile, I was stumbling around in my horrid Spanish. Yet, I was determined to be bold and seize the day.

Here I sit in another country. The rain comforts. The unknown beckons. Some days I am ready for adventure. Most days, I am not. Today I am ready.