Monday, September 28, 2009

A rant on best days

Write about the best day of your life. Ready, go. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told by a teacher to do that exact thing. Now, it has even happened in Spanish class. Write about the best day. I think that direction is near to impossible. I have no way of knowing if I have experienced the best day of my life already or if it is still to come. How is one to know the best day of their life? Personally, I think there are many best days in a person’s life – not just one. When you ask a person what their favorite color is or what is their favorite movie, I have hardly ever been given only one answer. I think that is the way of everything.

Best days are days that are indelibly marked in your memory as particularly good. They shine like bright stars in the night sky. Those are the days that you wish to engrave in stone and display in your hall of memory. When you are within those days, you find that you wish to live in that moment forever.

A best day is not defined the same way for every person either. A particularly wonderful day for one person might be a day of absolutely nothing. On the other hand, a fantastic day for another person might be a day so packed full of different activities that at the end of the day one just falls into bed. Days are defined by the people that live them.

I can tell you what my best day should have, but will I ever live that day? I can never know. My best day would have music, sunshine, wind, and laughter. Encompassed in that day would be almost perfect companionship between my guy friends and girl friends. On this day, I would almost be able to feel wings sprout from my back. To the world, I would shout, “Why are you walking when you could be flying?”

A best day – really, what is a ‘best’ day? A best day can be found in a hot mug of chai tea or in the sunshine that splatters little rainbows all over the kitchen sink. A best day might be in the reaching of a goal or the beginning of a journey of learning. After all, a best day is all a matter of perspective. You and I might have experienced the same day side by side. Yet, I might walk away believing it to be my best day meanwhile you might have thought it as a particularly low day. Hence, a best day is a simply a matter of opinion.