Monday, September 21, 2009

Flight Mode

For some reason, when I came to the Dominican Republic, I lived in the illusion that things would be challenging yet simple. I expected to be challenged but not really. Is that possible? Oh, yes. It definitely is. I believed that it was going to be simply a breeze. I would soak in the culture as one soaks in the sun without getting burnt. I would learn Spanish like I had been born with the ability to speak. Things would be like a dream. Can I have a ‘dun dun dunnnn’?

And then, the honeymoon was over. The fun and exploration was over. Paradise receded and normality came rushing forth. Suddenly, I’m realizing that I’m living in a different country for three and a half months. Reality ruins my life as Calvin states clearly in Calvin and Hobbes. Usually, I get burned when I go sunning. It’s true in this case, too. I have always wanted to travel desperately so I thought thinks would go like a dream. Silly me. I should have known better.

Have you ever felt a desperation combined with confusion? Not a good mixture at all. This past Spanish class, I almost jumped out of my skin – screamed, cried, and just broke down. Of course, this was contained by my skin and I wonder if anyone could see that I was hanging on by barely a thread. What happened? I thought this was supposed to be all fun and flowers! What happened? I’m left with rain.

Apparently, I have reached the stage of flight. They are right. If I had my chance, I would walk for miles and never return. If I could sprout wings and fly, I would fly up and up and never return. So you had better grab onto my ankles because I’m about float away.