Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Ignorance

People yearn for breaks from work, from life, from school, from family, from homework, from cooking, from writing, etc. For as much as they want it, once they have it they laze about the house with no desire to do anything but become a partial vegetable. Give them one or two days and their body becomes permanently molded to the couch. Their stomach bloats with uncooked foods and molded cheeses. While they sit immobilized in front of their 14th movie, their eyes glaze over like day old Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. Human being turned lard.

This is what Spring Break looks like for a boring college student. Of course, some college students pack up their junky little vehicles and head to the nearest ocean. While the rest of us college students’ lounge like new additions to our parent’s sofas, these ocean-bound sun seekers flock to the sand and sun like millions of sand fleas. Thoughts of homework skedaddle away like misshapen clouds and showering becomes semi-optional unless you happen to have a mother who demands daily hygiene.

By the end of Spring break, students yearn to return to school. Not because of homework or boredom but because they miss the crazy life of school and friends. College campuses breed a strange resort from the real world where everyone is the same age and spending hours doing homework that they’ll never look at ever again. Back at school, students overeat at the cafeteria, procrastinate at their homework, stay up to all hours of the night, and gallivant about campus with interesting members of the opposite sex.

Now, being of this set, I must say that we have many problems. However, I do not want to paint us as wholly lazy and insensitive to the real world around us. A few students take time to manage classes, homework, friends, work, and volunteer work. These students ambitiously pursue their dreams and encourage others to theirs. The college world although seemingly resort like carries many tastes of the real world with very real suicides, accidental deaths, self-injury, drinking, and drugs.

Reality oozes into college bubbles. Reality like a cruel monster breathes down the necks of many college students making them fear their graduation into the real world. After all, it’s nothing like what they have experienced before. Beware, Oh, College Students, of what is to come. Don’t run. It’ll come to you.