Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Sparkles

1. I love icicle hunting.
Basically, this is code for running around like children looking for the biggest icicles available and then trying to carefully remove them from the surface to which they cling. Upon removal, one either screams in exhilaration or fear as the icicle either comes off cleanly into your hand or comes toward one like death.

2. Winter Blues = The Sniffles
This means you have a perpetual sniffle and an affinity towards sneezes. In the middle of the night, you are woken by your roommates to be told that you were snoring. The snoring is a side-effect of this wonderful winter cold.

3. David Copperfield and Flyboys
These two medias just don't mix. Don't try it. You'll either lose all interest in Copperfield or in Flyboys. Cut your losses and choose one. Don't do both.

4. Snow Days
These lovely days that I never knew while I was home schooled. I have now experienced my second real snow day. Guess what. I did homework. Wow, that's cool.

5. Rice and Chicken
Winter inspires hibernation. Since I'm in the midst of enjoying two winter colds - one outside my body and one inside my body - I have found that I am rather adept at creating healthy and delicious lunches without stepping a foot into the horrid outside.

6. Ice
Upon the suggestion of a friend, I will now pass onto you the best advice I have ever heard. If you slip and fall on some ice, then stay there! Make the best of it and create yourself a little snow angel and then bounce back to your feet in a careful-like way.

7. I Love Lucy
Drink hot chocolate from "I Love Lucy" mugs. It tastes the best in these mugs especially if you're watching "I Love Lucy" with your roommate.