Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Friends in Blogosphere

As I acquaint myself with the blogging world, I have stumbled upon some treasures. These jewels can keep me distracted for sometimes up to an hour as I explore them. Therefore, since I enjoy them thoroughly, I thought I would share them with you all.

First, I find that I adore looking at comics with strange twists of perspective. When I find myself craving some amusement, I go to INCIDENTAL COMICS. My favorite comic so far has been the definition of a Productive Snow Day.

Second, I love reading personal blogs that hit on life issues. However, I do not want to read about how your new baby just discovered his nostril (your mother might like that, but i don't). Avidly, I read The Journey which is updated by Katie,an American single mother of thirteen African beauties. They reside in Africa.

As a hopeless romantic, I find that I cannot help but love a blog devoted to archaic pictures of black and white love. All types of love quotes are sprinkled throughout this blog. Want a quick dose of love or romance, take a peek at Kissssing.

An oldie but a goodie is a blog written by my friend, Greg. His blog partly inspired me to begin my own blog. Not only does his writing share life experience, it is carefully written and thought provoking. Introducing Questing for Wonder, a blog that started my own quest in writing.

My most recent finding in the blog world is a blog that has more than 5,000 followers. Yes, my jaw dropped. It is filled with pictures and thoughts that cry creativity. Also, as I shared the link with friends on facebook, I noticed that the link showed up with "hello, friend. you are loved." This small touch makes me instantly love this blog. Hello, Friend will be my new haunt for the next couple of days. Explore with me!

Treasures like these ought to be shared. I hope you enjoy looking about these blog sites. Also, I'd love to hear about the blogs that you love following!