Friday, February 11, 2011

The Life of a Frozen Pea

The first thing I recall is being poured into this sizzling black circular object. As soon as I landed in this thing with all of my look-alikes, the icy layer that had kept me unmoving for a long time began to disappear. For a moment, I hoped that I was back in the lush greenery of my growing up days. No such luck. As the ice melted, I became aware of an uncomfortable sensation that was totally different than my previous state. Previously, I was unmoving and swollen to the biggest size that I can ever recall being. Now, my skin was slowly imploding inward. It wrinkled and browned when I was left too long on that side.

Roughly, my cohorts and I were rolled onto another circular object that already had a bed of long wiggly things that I have never seen before. Next to these strange things was one big mass of dense stuff. It was odd because it wasn’t separated in any way. As we were all reclining in this weird noodle pool, a huge wad of slimy melty stuff landed on top of all the stuff. The entire object was moved by a grand hand to another resting place. A giant prong came down and lifted some noodles and cohorts away. I tried to see where they went. I couldn’t. The prong came down again and grabbed more. Suddenly, I knew that I couldn’t stay.

When the prong came for me, I took a rolling jump off of it and bounced away. I rolled under a huge mass. It was dark and I felt save. However, I couldn’t move. My momentum was gone. There I sat until the mass moved. A gigantic moving thing with five moving things connected to it picked me up. It felt like flying except there was a lot of squeezing involved. Abruptly, I was dropped into a big container with lots of other things. I haven’t moved since, but I am the only one of my kind here. There are some weird noodle things, but they are only bits and pieces. It’s mostly quiet here unless something else gets thrown in.