Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a nameless duet

The ocean told me a tale. I had been walking along the beach since the sun had begun setting. I don't know why the ocean decided to tell me the story, but perhaps it was because I sometimes unburdened my heart to it. The ocean has always called to me in a way that my very being could only respond to the wildness sensed there. The depths of the ocean calling to the depths of the soul. Yet, I digress. The story is of the ocean.

For once, I listened instead of only telling the ocean my woes and as I listened to roar of the waves I heard a softer haunting song of another. Once there was a girl of 15 who was quit plain. This phrase got caught in the waves and it bounced about in a way that repeated the phrase again and again. Nameless she will forever be because the ocean knows no names. Nameless although plain had a laugh that men fought to create. It rang true as a bell and more beautiful than the song of a bird.

When she was one and twenty, Nameless fell in love. Nameless fell in love. For a full day, she stared into the ocean. Her eyes could not be averted to the left or to the right. Nameless had fallen in love with the ocean. This loving was haunting. It haunted Nameless. It haunted the ocean. It haunted every person that Nameless met. Nameless had fallen in love.

When Nameless was a bit after thirty, she realized that this love of one and twenty had not weakened. The love of the ocean consumed her thought. Smiles rarely graced her face. Her laughter was legendary but forgotten. The ocean's reflection in the eyes of Nameless was eerie yet captivating. Her heart was in her eyes.

When she was forty, Nameless was only seen near the ocean. No one remembered the laughing girl. Her consuming love for the ocean had slowly taken the life out of Nameless. She sought only the ocean. People held no interest. The ocean was the only place that she felt alive.

When Nameless was all gray, she sailed into the ocean deep and far.
When Nameless was all gray, she sailed into the ocean deep and far.
When Nameless was all gray, she sailed into the ocean deep and far.

The waves continue to crash on the beach. In the rush of the water, waves still curl and crush sea shells. My heart searches for Nameless, the unknown girl who gave her heart to the ocean. I cannot find her. Yet, I could almost swear that I hear a soft joyous laughter harmonizing with the roar of the ocean. Finally, Nameless shall duet with the ocean for the rest of eternity.

I went to the ocean to pour out my heart. Instead, I return from the ocean with a heart full of story - a story told to me by the ocean.