Friday, August 6, 2010

for ali

Once upon a sun set, a fisherman sat on the end of a pier with a pole three times the length of him. A shark tattoo swam across his calf as the man sat perched on the railing. Suddenly, something was on his hook. He sprang like a cat to the deck and grasped his pole. Moments later, a small shark clung to a hook on his line. Arrogantly but with skill, he removed the hook, flaunted the shark in front of the tourists and then mystery fisherman threw the shark back into the stomach of the ocean. He turned to his pole and looked once at the crowd. His eyes caught on those of a girl.

The fisherman's eyes softened under the gaze of the girl. Just as he represented all things wild and strong, she emanated the soft comforts of home and tranquility. She was the eye of his hurricane. In that moment, all stilled except for the conversation in their eyes and it spoke volumes. The girl's heart pounded in recognition of the raw strength coming from him and the mystery fisherman's eyes hardened in a sly look of planned pursuit.

The girl blinked at a zephyr that knocked her hair across her face. With her hand, she brushed her hair away and glanced up at the fisherman to see him again perched upon the rail of the pier. He was looking out to sea. The girl heard the rush of the ocean. Its roar was a familiar cry that had beat in the hearts of many adventurers and sailors. It called for movement and change.

With the song of the ocean singing in her ears, the girl walked across the pier to stand by the fisherman. Together, they stared out to sea. If a bystander had looked at this odd couple, he or she would have seen a slight smile on the face of the fisherman. This smile, although fitting upon the fisherman's face, was one that had been a complete stranger to this man until this particular evening. Now, in the girl, a bystander might perhaps not see past the calm demeanor of the girl's upbringing. However, if this bystander were to look closer he or she would see a pair of eyes dancing with wild fear and excitement of the unknown.

In all appearances, this fisherman and this girl did not fit together. Yet, they complimented each other in an almost indiscernible way. As her eyes reflected the wildness of her spirit, those same eyes mirrored the rough and untamable exterior of the fisherman. Meanwhile, the expression of softness that rested gracelessly on the face of the fisherman was an echo of tranquility that resonated from the girl's presence. The uproarious and unsung melody of the ocean bound their hearts together.