Thursday, August 12, 2010


My mother pointed across the room to a young boy who was focused entirely on his project. She stated, "That boy has stars in his eyes. People cannot help but be drawn to him." I looked and saw a set of brown eyes. There was nothing special about them. Actually, they mirrored my own in color and set. For me, it was the quirk that rested in the corner of his mouth that surprised me. What was it doing there? Through half glances, I realized that the quirk framed a twinkle that sparkled in the eyes of the boy.

From that moment on, my mother's love for eyes full of stars captivated me.

Once, I lived in the book by Lucy Maud Montgomery. My thoughts were in flights of fancy and my feet were often in muddy boots. People always seemed to find my peculiarities although they masked their words in crooning sentences of 'she is such a sweet girl'. Accidently, I overheard a conversation about my eyes. "Those eyes are 'come hither' eyes and one day, mark my words, she will only have to lift her eyes to call a man to her side."

Many book characters fade from my memory, but this moment is emblazoned in my brain.

His eyes, windows to his soul, brooded with many thoughts. No emotion spilled from his eyes to his face. The depth of the youth's soul was locked in the vault of his eyes. These two pinpoints were the only parts of his being that showed a crack of human feeling. Yet, he was unseeing. The youth lived within himself. Although he could not see out of his eyes, these portals to his soul were vulnerable to the seeing eyes of the world. His beautifully tragic eyes showed a struggling person. Although his eyes were dead to the ability of sight, they lived with his emotion whereas his body that lived was dead.

Emotion must spill from the eyes into the rest of a being.