Friday, July 30, 2010

The Wedding of Rain and Shine

Say that one could strap on one's flying boots, grab one's rainbow dream hat, and balloon away in one's orange genie pants, where would these take that one singular person? The flying boots may demand to do the world's circumference twice or maybe thrice. The rainbow dream hat's only wish would be to meet the moment between rain and shine. All the while, the orange genie pants would drag one's person high up in the atmosphere like an oddly shaped balloon. In essence, one could scream, "I want to go to the top of Mount Fiji!" Yet, this would never happen because the boots, the hat, and the pants would drag one everywhere but there. Perhaps in a moment, one would find the wedding of rain and shine where the aisle of rainbow streamed out into the world. The boots would gallivant all over the world playing with the winds and shouting with the thunder. And the orange genie pants would carry one upward - forever up and only up. And yet, from the pull of three, mysteries might be explored and solved that never would have been found on Mount Fiji.