Friday, July 2, 2010

May I have 100 prayers upon my lips

Isn't it ironic that my 100th blogpost shall be requesting prayer. Here I should be raving about the wonders of having 100 blog posts. Yet, I just can't. I would rather than you would turn to God and lift up the people around you in prayer.

The Experience with Kingdom Building Ministries = Learning
1st week = brain stuffed with biblical knowledge
2nd week = Spanish
Dominican Republic = dream-like
3rd week = learning the significance of small things
Haiti = HOT
4th week = DEEP camp where you go deep with GOd
Deep Camp = excellence
5th week = just beginning - what to expect? No idea. WELCOME TO THE WANDERING STAGE.

- our team has become unified, but still has far to go.
- understanding and patience with each other
- willingness to be vulnerable
- ability to see others and stop to spend time with them
- safety as we drive across multiple states

There is so much that I desire to share with you all, but have no time to do so via blog. I have greatly enjoyed participating in deep camp and spending time with these high schoolers that desire to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. I have learned much about myself through seeking God and watching these students. In a couple of hours, deep camp shall be over for the year. Pray for the campers that the realizations that they have made here will not be forgotten.

Not to us, but to HIS name be the glory.