Friday, July 23, 2010

A Moon Story

In the late afternoon of a summer's day, a young woman with moon-pale skin gazed up into the sky. She knew that night was coming. Therefore, she knew that she must prepare for the onslaught of darkness. The girl stood. Her long willowy body seemed translucent and her face so round.

A woman, Bitsina, who had been observing this strange girl from the bushes gasped almost silently in surprise. Bitsina had never come across a girl with such an ethereal beauty; instead of greeting the girl, Bitsina had stood transfixed amongst the overgrown plants. As the light had faded, the girl's pale skin became luminescent. This struck Bitsina as particularly odd since she knew no one whose skin became brighter as the night approached.

Bitsina stared dumbfounded as the girl took the night sky as her gown and wrapped the clouds about her as a scarf and cloak. The girl's feet were no where to be seen. Colors of the sun's rays splashed across the girl's deepening gown. As the sun's colors danced from the sky, Bitsina's jaw gaped open as the girl began to bedeck herself in the diamonds of the night.

No longer did Bitsina gaze upon a slim youth of the summer, but she stared at the Lady of the Moon. There seemed to be no resemblance between the two except their pale skin. For the youth had seemed naive of the world whereas the Lady was as wise as the universe.

Bitsina closed her jaw with the help of her hand, picked up her fruit basket which lay forgotten on the ground, and looked once more at the esoteric moon in the sky. As she picked her way back home, Bitsina shook her head, "Never can I look at the moon in the same way as I did before tonight." If one had been watching the moon as Bitsina had mumbled this to herself, one would have seen a small smile crease across the face of the Lady.