Friday, June 25, 2010


I think I spend half of my time striving to see the big picture. Never do I stay in the present moment. I am always striving ahead towards the future or living in the past glories. I want to see the entire picture which leaves me forgetting to see the moment in which I am.





Big Picture

It's in the small things. It's the little things in life that can make or break you. There is much more in life that I need to learn, but one thing is that you should never downplay the little things in life.

Random Tangent that happens to relate: During one of our debriefing times after a full day in Haiti, I was asked, "What is one moment that stands out to you from this day in the tent city?" I wrinkled my forehead. My brain spun. One small thing came to my mind with such clarity and so I said, "The day was made for me when that first little child slipped their hand in my hand." I had been standing on the sideline watching the others interact with the Haitian children and I had no idea what to do with myself. Yet, in that one small moment, that little girl trusted me and gave me the confidence to start doing some funky robot dance. Yes. I did a robot dance. It was awkward but it was inspired by that tiny moment of clarity.

I will never see that child again. I don't even remember her face. Yet, I remember her small hand slipping into my own. I remember the contrast of our skin. I remember the sweat that slimed both of our hands. It resonates deep within my heart.

We are threads of life. She lives in Haiti and still has many years to live and hardships to face. I live in America and our threads of life will likely never cross again. For a second, our threads knotted. All I can see is this small knot of thread and even now I am continuing on my way and my thread continues on from here. Her thread of life continues as well. This is life.

I see just the knot of our threads.

Back up a step and you will see a couple of other lives that have knotted with my own. Back up another step and you'll see the other lives that they have connected with. Leap an eternity forward and you shall see the picture that God has been inter-working our lives to create.

Truly, it's the little things in life.