Friday, April 16, 2010

My Fairy Tree

There is something so magical about Spring. Everywhere I can see evidence of the dance of the fairies. Every morning, I discover some new beauty to the world. There is a lovely tree with purple blossoms. I swear that it actually glows during the day and the evening. I am certain that this is the tree that fairies live within. Spring is a magical time.

It's magical in more ways than one. I am thinking of all those little furry animals that are finding their soul mates. I see squirrels playing a frisky game of tag. The ducks are quarreling over the limited amount of females. Bouncing across the sidewalk, the toads sing together. Outside my window, the birds melodious alarm-like song wake me in the morning. The creatures call to each other. It is magical.

It's hard not to feel pressured by nature. Apparently, I am not the only one feeling this pressure. Last weekend, three engagements occurred. Mostly, I laugh at the funny little dance that the animals and humans do to attract the other animals. Did you know geese choose their partners for their entire life? I'm not a big fan of geese, but this softens my feelings towards them.

Magic. Spring is the rediscovery of the world. The world has forgotten color. Spring brings little surprise purple blossoms hiding the grass. The tulips firework from the ground in explosions of reds and yellows. The flowered trees seem like huge globs of cotton candy. As I walk through the world, I find myself occasionally abruptly stopping just so that I can revel in a small discovery. One moment, all is dead. Magically and gradually, the world gets colored in.

Throughout winter, we trusted that spring would come. It didn't seem like it would. Winter seemed immoveable and uncaring. Yet, spring did come. Some things just seem illogical. How can it be freezing cold one day and then like summer the next? The world is a mystery. It defies logic. I don't understand it and I won't pretend to understand it. I do know that Spring is magic.