Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meeting Mr. Pipe Man

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blogpost about Mr. Pipe Man who lives down the road from me. Well, my mother decided that she wanted to take a copy of the article to the man. I was a bit uncertain about the idea, but she coaxed me into agreement. The other day, she went to visit Mr. Pipe Man who actually does have a name. I do believe that he will live forever in my mind and heart as Mr. Pipe Man. The irony of their conversation is in the fact that he is a retired english teacher. Mr. Pipe Man declared that he would hang my article on the wall. He has also requested to meet me when I'm in town again. This is all very odd to me and I'm uncertain how our visit shall go. It almost seems strange that I would actually meet this man who I could only imagine what his story was or is.

If you'd like to meet the Mr. Pipe Man of my imaginings, here's the link to that post: I'll be meeting the Mr. Pipe Man in person in a month or two and then I shall get back to you possibly about Mr. Pipe Man.