Sunday, August 23, 2009

The peeves of the pet

Blogs suggest honesty. They also encourage that one tells all. I have decided that in honor of all those who puke their feeling on relationships and other unnecessary things I shall delve into some of my pet peeves. Of course, I have a feeling that half of these will not interest you half as much as the gossipy dating circle. Therefore, I will spill my guts like many people ought not to do.

1. I abhor when a person quickly drinks everything within their glass. Simply because they miss the nuances of the drink itself regardless of whether it is water or wine. Small sips are ideal. Therefore, one has a full appreciation of the liquid within one’s glass.
2. Etiquette has seemingly disappeared from our society. Some strongly believe that chivalry is dead. On some points, I agree. Yet, I think we need to write a modern day etiquette book. Within this much needed book, the authors would strongly encourage every person alike to keep their texting to a minimum. For example, it is rude to text during meals at home or elsewhere, during movies/shows, and while carrying a conversation with someone else. Obviously the times are changing, but we must change with the times and create new ways to respect people.
3. One thing that I adore to do (yes, this does eventually come to my pet peeve) is to take walks and just enjoy the air, sky, trees, and the beauty around me. I could spend hours simply gazing at the sky. Yet, I find not many people even think to raise their heads to the sky. Actually, I have observed how many people watch their feet as they walk. I think this is a very sad existence indeed because it is true that one will not trip but it is also true that there is not very much beautiful or amazing about one’s own feet. I think people should lift their heads to the skies once in a while in appreciation of the clouds that float there.
4. Something that mildly infuriates me is the ease with which men audition and get accepted into dance, theater, and singing programs. Those are the days where I desperately wish that I had been born male. Of course, that is not the case so I am left wishing for a small part in any play.
5. I have found within my brief existence in the world that radio stations have a way of playing the exact same music as often as they can within a twenty four hour period. The reason I listen to the radio is to have the opportunity to listen to a variety of different quality music. Obviously, radio stations do not realize this fact.
6. Another thing that I have taken note of as I have strolled through many a mall is the two headed monsters with four legs. Have you seen them? I’m sure that you have. I think they are generally referred to as a couple. They are so “in” to each other that a fellow pedestrian has trouble telling where one ends and the other begins. They might as well become connected to the hip since they are attached everywhere else.
7. People who think that they are God’s gift to the world. I do not need to say anything more.
8. Girls have a way of conversing about boys like they are an object. The girls will gush and whisper and giggle over his abs or his eyes. Yet, they seem to forget the fact that he is a person with thoughts and a personality of his own. This is loathsome behavior to me because whether or not girls find a guy attractive they should not treat him if he were only a body and vice versa.
9. The art of reading is dying out. Thankfully, I adore reading. Yet, it seems that non-readers scorn those who adore reading a book or four. I think this is very sad indeed.
10. Society annoys me. It depends largely on all the norms and looks very badly on those who deviate from those norms. Yet, the confusion of society is very hard to decipher and make any sense of whatsoever.

There it is. The rainbow of my gut smeared across an internet page. I have honestly tried my best not to bore any of those people who happened to read this blog and yet have determined to be as frank as possible with my dislikes. Pet peeves are a thing that everyone has and I would sure like to hear more. (hint: leave a comment of your own pet peeve)