Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And it begins

Finally, I, too, have been snagged by the blogging phenomenon. A month ago, I would have laughed if you said that you would be reading a blog post made by little ole' me. Of course, I have no idea of whether or not my writing will be favorably looked on by the internet world. Truly, I don't mind because this will be a place full of thoughts and analyzations. If you so choose to read my writings, you'll find cynicism mixed with optimism and fairytale stirred in with reality.

The title smorgasbord is appropriate for this blog. Honestly, it is. One may argue that the word 'smorgasbord' refers to a buffet of food. Sure that is the dictionary meaning but this word has a million possibilities. To me, it refers to the hodge podge of thoughts that float throughout my head during a week or a day. It stands for the a hundred and one decisions that one will have to make while shopping or even dining at the Old Country Buffet. In essence, I would like to warn any of those who deem this blog worth their attention that this blog was created to share 'a little bit of this and that.' For example, one day you might be tortured with a poem that I wrote myself and the next you might find yourself immersed in an amusing article focused on odd customers that one meets in a bakery.

As a newbie in this world of smorgasbord blogging, I must proclaim that you might be sorely disappointed in what I bring to this strange potluck. Granted, I will try my best to meet your expectations of excellence. Actually, expectations would be best left behind when viewing this blog as you will soon see how computer illiterate I am and how strangely random I appear to be. I feel that I must say, "Bon Voyage." as we set off on this new adventure of blogging.